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Letter from Shannon Kelly Mufarreh - Carole Doucette Kelly's daughter
emailed to Vivian Mullen DeCarlo on 4/3/2012

I don't know if you remember me, my name is Shannon (Kelly) Mufarreh and I am your classmate and late pal Carole's daughter. I hope this note finds you both happy and healthy. I recently discovered the St.Vincent Class of 1962 website. I had been missing my mom and googled her name and her memorial page popped up. I was happily surprised and deeply touched. Thank you so much for remembering her. I can't believe it has been ten years since she passed because I miss her as much now as I did then if not more.

Prompted by your request for pictures I went through some of her old photos, something I had not done since her funeral because I thought it would be too painful. Actually it was very therapeutic. I came across a few photos and a couple of news clipping that I will send. It is difficult to know if they are all of your classmates so forgive me if they are not or if they are pictures of some unknown relatives or one of her many sisters! I wish I knew the stories behind some of them, it looks like you all had so much fun! My mom used to speak of you all often and I know she considered her St. Vincent classmates some of the most important relationships of her life even though you didn't see each other often. There is something special about the people we come of age with a surrogate family that cannot be replicated. Your stories and experiences created who you are and each of you influenced each other in your own subtle ways that helped to create the fabric of who you became. I am grateful for the extraordinary people that influenced my Mom in her formative years because she was truly something special. I miss her.

I wish I had written her early experiences down, my Mom always had such a great way of telling a story. The  funny thing is you think there is always time to ask again or you will remember the details. I want so much to share that part of her life with my girls. They never had an opportunity to know her since they were so little when she passed. I don't want her to die "the second death" which is to be forgotten once you are gone. Telling our stories and experiences is the only way to avoid that. I wish I knew more but am grateful for all I do remember.

I have to say that reading her yearbook was quite enlightening and I really wish I was at Joan's slumber party. It was mentioned quite a bit and the details when pieced together are hilarious. The attachment is a copy of what you wrote in my mom's yearbook in 1960. She always spoke of you as woman who was outgoing, spunky, made friends easily with a dramatic flair and a passion for life and those she cared about. I know how much she truly cared about you. Thank you for being her friend.

On a completely different note I want to offer my condolences for the loss of your son in law. I live in San Francisco and remember the tragedy but did not know you were related until I saw it on the website. I cried when I heard about such a senseless act to a person that tried to make the world a better place. Our family kept yours in our prayers. I wasn't alone, so many of the people I know felt the same way. My husband has been at the Oakland Police Department for 20+ years and three of my brother in laws as well. I understand what the words "to protect and serve" really means. I am so sorry that your family had to endure such a loss. Members of our parish also kept you all in their prayers.


If any of classmates want copies of the pictures I send feel free to give them my email. 




Updated 4/16/2012