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Jack Rodgers
2/18/44 - 6/15/09



    Jack was the second oldest in a family of five boys -- and he was all boy!  Who can forget Jack hiding in the closet of Father Nouza’s religion class and bursting out of the closet with a SV banner over his head while making ghost-like sounds.  To say that this was the talk of the school for weeks is an understatement.  Jack had an old black Buick that was often piled high with the boys going to practice.

          Sports were Jack’s main interest when he was in school, and he participated in almost every sport.  After graduating, Jack decided to try parachuting.  One little problem -- the first and last time he parachuted his chute did not open, and he had to pull the emergency cord.  No more parachuting for Jack! 

          He never lost interest in his classmates and tracked and followed the lives of many.  In later years, Jack enjoyed long walks through Vallejo and loved to write poetry.  He remained steadfast in his Catholic faith and attended daily mass.  Jack could frequently be seen at his favorite haunt, Scotty’s Donuts, on Tennessee Street in Vallejo.



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